Qlik Sense 2.2Business moves fast these days. You have got to stay on top of the latest trends and understand the changing market. That’s why collecting and analysing your data is vital to your business. And it is why Qlik have committed to introducing 3 new releases of Qlik Sense a year. They understand that you need the latest tech, with the newest upgrades in order to stay ahead of the competition.

New Release – Qlik Sense 2.2

The latest release is Qlik Sense 2.2. This new edition focuses not just on the end user, but also on delivering enhanced capabilities to developers too. So no matter where your interest and use of Qlik Sense lies, the latest version is going to let you do more than ever.

Qlik Sense 2.2 enables end business users to prepare and explore their data more easily than ever before., It provides developers with new, more powerful tools for building custom applications and extending the platform to suit their businesses needs.

Highlights of Qlik Sense 2.2:

  • Enhanced Self-Service Data Preparation
    • Advanced data preparation with automatic date handling, calculated fields, and a newly redesigned data manager.
  • New Visualisation Exploration Capabilities
    • Alternate dimensions and measures, allowing users to change views and analytics in charts and graphs without having to directly edit governed objects.
  • New Set of Tools and APIs for Developers
    • Powerful new developer APIs and capabilities including a new app integration API, a visualization API for programmatic creation of analytics, and a new integrated developer environment (IDE) plugin for Visual Studio.
  • More Intuitive Management Features
    • Expanded printing and exporting capabilities for stories and charts to PowerPoint, .PDF, and Excel.
  • Numerous user experience and enterprise management improvements

This video from Qlik will give you a quick rundown of these changes.


With over 200 changes, bug fixes and improvements, Qlik Sense 2.2 offers more flexibility for users and more power for developers.

To find out more about how Qlik Sense can work for your business, get in touch and request a demo.