The eagerly awaited update to the QlikView product has arrived this month. There are so many enhancements in this update that are going to make customers’ lives so much easier.

A quick run-through of the QlikView 12 highlights:

Qlik Data Indexing Engine

QlikView 12 QIX EngineQlikView now runs on the same 2ng generation engine as Qlik Sense and the Qlik Analytics Platform. This brings with it a number of new benefits. The big one here is data model compatibility with Qlik Sense. Users can share models created with QlikView on Qlik Sense, making collaboration easier than ever. Having the entire Qlik portfolio operating on the same engine improves performance and allows for a seamless upgrade from QlikView 11 to 12.

Enhanced Touch Capabilities

Everything you could do on your desktop QlikView you can now do on your mobile or tablet too. Things like exploration, creation and collaboration are all as easy to perform from your touch device as on your laptop. Overall QlikView 12 provides a more powerful mobile experience for users.

Qlik DataMarket

QlikView 12 DataMarketQlik DataMarket has been available to Qlik Sense users for some time, and now it is a part of QlikView too. DataMarket is a library of data available to users to supplement their own internal data. It allows you to cross reference internal data with external data to get deeper insights and give it more context. For example, you can add weather data to sales to see how that effects volume. Or integrate population demographic data to understand your customers better. All of this is available from within QlikView, so you don’t have to interrupt your work to find external resources.

Other enhancements in this update include additional connectors that make QlikView more compatible with social media and content management systems; and security improvements with the aim of future-proofing the technology.

This video should give you a good understanding of exactly what the update is going to do to improve your QlikView experience:


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