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Qlik Sense Enterprise

A revolutionary visual analytics platform that supports self-service visualization, guided analytics apps and dashboards, embedded analytics, and reporting, all within a governed framework that offers enterprise scalability and trust for IT.

Qlik Sense Ireland

Why Qlik Sense

The Best Features for your Business

Smart Visualisations Reveal Hidden Insights

With Qlik Sense, users at all levels can bring their insights to life. Just drag-and-drop to create personalised visualisations, reports and dashboards that are most relevant to you. These visualisations are fully interactive and responsive, allowing you to explore the data however your instincts take you and discover insights you never found before.

Smart Search for ultimate flexibility

Smart Search does all the work for you. It can connect the dots, uncover matching information and reveal previously unsuspected relationships from across your entire data set.

Access your Analytics Anytime

Move seamlessly from desktop to tablet to smartphone, without any loss in usability because Qlik Sense automatically adapts to the device. Qlik Sense even remembers what you were working on so you can pick up where you left off on any device.

Governed Data Ensures Simplicity

Users can create all the data visualisations, dashboards and reports with confidence as they are drawing on libraries of secure, governed data and measures.

Qlik Sense Ireland
Qlik Sense Ireland

Unleash Your Intuition

Qlik Sense makes visual dashboard creation simple and intuitive, but doesn’t stop there. Qlik Sense also makes it easy to explore the data so you can understand what’s happening and why. Ask questions. Follow your intuition. Seamlessly navigate vast amounts of data from multiple sources. Then share your insights visually and accurately knowing the analysis, commentary and content are based on reliable, governed data.

Qlik Sense Enterprise 2.0 introduced:


  • Smart Data Load
  • Print & Export
  • Smart Data Compression
  • Qlik DataMarket

Qlik Sense 2.1 Enhancements

Better Exploration, Creation and Collaboration

Visual Exploration: Modify properties of visualizations and objects while you are exploring, without going into edit mode.

Story Printing: Export data stories to PowerPoint presentations for easy sharing.

User Data Upload: Upload data files for analysis directly to Qlik Sense for self-service.

Variables: Define and set values for use across your apps directly in the Qlik Sense client.

Developer Hub: New developer workbench for building custom apps, embedded analytics, and extensions using the Qlik APIs.

Learn more about Qlik Sense

If you are interested in finding out more about Qlik Sense then get in touch and we can set up a demo where you can see it in action and get all your questions answered.

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