Barringtons Hospital – Achieving Operational Visibility with QlikView

Barringtons Hospital – Achieving Operational Visibility with QlikView

Barringtons hospital came to SiliconCloud in 2011 when they realised they needed help with improving operational visibility throughout the organisation. Prior to SiliconCloud’s QlikView BI solution, Barringtons hospital were struggling with analysing operational efficiencies. In 2007, all private hospitals were required to undertake a quality assurance programme and achieve Independent Accreditation by a recognised body. Barringtons Hospital was awarded Accreditation by JCI in June 2009 and re-accredited in 2012. In addition there was an increasing demand for ‘benchmarking’ and reporting of quality outcomes, which was increasing in importance year on year within the healthcare sector.

Barringtons Hospital

A business intelligence solution was the only port of call as one of JCI’s main requirements was for hospitals to have a program in place which included all components of the organisation’s quality monitoring and control activities, including risk management. The organisation’s management had to identify key measures (indicators) to monitor the organisation’s clinical, nonclinical, and managerial structures, processes, and outcomes as appropriate to the mission, care, and services provided by the hospital.

So how was Barringtons Hospital to deliver on all of the above without a comprehensive monitoring and data insight solution? Their method of data interpretation prior to QlikView was via hand-written forms and excels spread-sheets. There was no formal method of monitoring the hospital’s data. This in turn meant there was no means of data or business discovery. Without a monitoring system, they could not see how they were doing against set KPI’s and objectives. Excel spread-sheets were only providing a static view of their data.

As a result of their frustrations, Barringtons Hospital met with SiliconCloud given their experience of working with the NHS in the UK. A bespoke QlikView healthcare dashboard with 20 licences was installed in 2012.The dashboard operates as a deeply analytical monitoring system which analyses key areas for example; patient satisfaction, accidents and incidents, complaints, medication incidents, infection control, waiting times and clinical activity and outcomes. The work carried out by Covali contributed to Barringtons Hospital’s successful re-accreditation in June 2012. In addition, the take-up by staff with the QlikView BI application proved to be extremely successful. It had a direct and positive impact at board level and at management meetings – as it provides top level insight into all of their data.The wow factor experienced byBarringtonsHospitalis that they now have a dynamic view of their data, processes and patient outcomes.

According to Áine McCarthy in Barringtons

“SiliconCloud’s QlikView solution has improved efficiencies throughout Barringtons hospital enormously. We are delighted with how our management and board level meetings have improved as everyone is viewing insights into data from the same dashboard. We are so happy with SiliconCloud’s QlikView application that we are now looking to implement it into the Finance department. We can’t rate this business application highly enough.”


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18th August 2015