Aren’t you sick of having to log in and out of multiple systems to get at your data? You know how important understanding your data is and want to invest in analytics, but you are still having to use reporting from each individual system. This is where our new cloud analytics platform comes in.

datahubb logoDataHubb is our new cloud analytics platform, powered by Qlik, that simplifies data analysis for any business. Launching on the 27th January, it is going to revolutionise the cloud analytics marketing in Ireland and the UK. We are the only company in Ireland creating a product like this, so you are not going to find anything as easy, or that gives you better insights, anywhere around.

DataHubb is delivered as a managed service on a subscription model, so expansion is easy. You can scale up or down as needed, simply by changing your subscription. Your business is growing? Upgrade and add more data.

It can connect with any system, so your data from your ERP, accounts system, CRM and more can all be fed into DataHubb. This will then churn our useful information and insights for decision makers. (And we know how important accurate data is when making critical business decisions!)

On the 27th of this month (only a week away!), we are launching in NexusUCD and DataHubb will be available to everyone. We are so excited to share this new product with everyone! We have been working on this for a while so we are very eager to see everyone’s reaction to it.

Cloud Analytics PlatformAfter next week you are going to be able to see the platform in action. All your data goes in at one end and is cleansed, enriched and transformed to generate insights that can be used to make better decisions. This makes the analytics process faster, easier and better organised.

Come back and visit the website on the 27th to find out more about how SiliconCloud’s DataHubb can help your business and we can arrange a demo for you.

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