Fónua Case Study

Fónua – Reaching New Heights with QlikView


Fonua logoFónua came to Covali (now SiliconCloud) in 2011 when they realised they wanted a comprehensive reporting system which provided dynamic reports so they could analyse all areas of their business in detail.

Prior to Covali’s QlikView BI solution, Fónua were using 4GL reporting and IntelliVIEW, Enterprise Reporting software with integrated reporting in addition to Excel spread sheets. The reporting process was hindered with time delays when running larger queries with the 4GL reporting process, which was causing some frustration, as they could be waiting up to 20 minutes.

The main issue with these static reports was the lack of interaction with them. It required development work if they needed reports on different criteria. So they were very restricted in terms of what they could report on – which was also another frustration with the system.

QlikView came into the picture when they were moving ERP systems. Immediately they saw the potential and saw that they could use BI from a different approach. It really was an instant “A ha moment” when they saw the power and interactive nature of the QlikView platform.

Covali were selected as a supplier who could guide them in implementing and structuring the QlikView plan for the business.  Covali to date have created 6 QlikView applications for the different areas of the business. John Garvey, Software Development Manager for Fónua said that “Covali are helping us move into a standard framework for all our applications”. QlikView has been installed in Fónua for over one year now, and is being used on a daily basis. In total there are 15 users of QlikView within the organisation now.

The apps in use within the organisation are as follows:

1. VMI App – Vendor Management Inventory

This app was created in order to analyse the “accessories” sold within the business. Along with a tool known as Clear Spider, Fónua are now in a position whereby they can manage the inventory for all their customers. This app automatically replenishes the stock and provides a high visibility on a day-by-day basis in terms of the sales of the accessories stock in each store. This app shows the up to the minute detail of all EPOS sales for all the accessories sold within each store. In addition, their customers can access this app by logging into Fónua’s extranet, which provides their customers with a view of their data.

2.  Repairs App

This App shows all the returns and repairs of the Phonefix department. It gives them complete visibility of turn-around times, repeat repairs, trends for faults for particular handsets and manufacturers, and fulfilment details of SLA’s.  It also shows them which customers are sending back the handsets. This app will also be moving onto their extranet shortly.

3. Returns App

This App shows the level of detail for dead on arrival phones, showing the reasons for getting dead on arrival phones, in terms of the common error messages/notifications. This app slices the information by manufacturers, models, stores etc.

 4. Debtors App (Finance dept)

This app gives Fónua the visibility to see the credit status for all orders coming through, and the outstanding invoices. This app is used all the time and is in use a lot for meetings. The finance department love it!

5.  Customer Care App

This App measures the SLA’s against the call logging system for all calls that come into customer care by email, and phone.

John says that “the great thing about QlikView is its ease of access to data, and how it immediately highlights anomalies within the business – which brings attention immediately to areas that need to be improved upon straight away. I just love QlikView and can’t recommend it highly enough. I must also say that Covali have made it very easy to do business with them. Our relationship with them is excellent. Whenever we have queries, they are always at hand to answer the questions. Their customer support is second to none. The QlikView implementation was extremely successful as we were dealing with a first rate company who project managed the QlikView projects with a high level of professionalism and attention to detail. We cannot recommend Covali highly enough”


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