Cloud-based analytics are something we have been talking about more and more recently. Part of this is because we are getting asked more often to manage our clients’ analytics as well as provide the software platform. But mostly it is because we recognise the huge amount of value that moving your data analytics to the cloud can bring to a company.

I’m sure by now you have been told about the numerous benefits of cloud computing; the lower cost, convenience, accessibility. You have heard about the exciting innovations in many areas – healthcare, retail, media, energy, automotive – all powered by cloud computing. These are all true of cloud-based analytics too but that’s not the only reason we are promoting it.

Cloud-based Analytics are Everywhere

Think about all the new innovations you have heard about or seen recently. The cool apps that seem to anticipate your every need. The websites that know what you are looking for before you search. Many of these things are empowered by cloud-based analytics behind the scenes. Analytics have become commonplace in business and now the next step for many companies is to move their analytics to the cloud for even more benefits.

Build a Smart World

Smart HomeEverything lately seems to be smart – watches, TVs, homes, cars.  And people are only looking for more. In almost all of these cases the software isn’t in the device itself. Not only is the software to make these things smart in the cloud, they are also powered by analytics in the cloud. This is helping to make a new collection of devices that can be super small and super smart.

Make City Living Easier

One of the areas I find most interesting is the use of analytics to improve living conditions in cities across the world. Every few weeks I seem to read about a new initiative to improve traffic congestion, ease air travel or reduce crime. Given how much data is needed from so many different places, cloud analytics are clearly the best, if not the only, way to make any real progress. City authorities can measure things like air quality, weather, sound pollution, light intensity and use cloud-based analytics to identify trends. Decisions can then be made that improves the lives of their citizens. What’s better than that?

Self Service

Information is power. Giving everyone access to the organisational data allows all users to make better decisions and measure their own performance better. The best way to do this is to use self-service analytics. Users can get the information they need to perform more effectively without hassle. This helps businesses to become more agile and quicker to respond to changes. Give people access to data wherever they are and they can get the insight they need, as they need it.

Video Analytics

CCTV - Video AnalyticsUsually when discussing data analytics you probably think about reams of customer details, purchase history, etc. Facts and figures, basically. But that is not the only thing that cloud analytics can work with. The cloud enables video streams to be analysed in much the same way. This can be CCTV camera footage in shopping centres to understand customer behaviour, on roads to regulate traffic or in sports to tweak training programmes.


Sharing is caring. As I‘ve talked about before, sharing data and collaborating makes for a better run organisation. With cloud-based analytics, even more people can work together. They all have access to the data and can work together, whether they are in the same place or not. So different locations can share their data easily and come up with a single plan that makes sense for everyone.


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