Imagine you run a coffee shop. Or a recruitment agency. Or any non-technical business. Do you really want to spend a lot of time and money managing your IT? You know it’s important to have the right software and that it works without interruption, but let’s be honest – you’re not really that interested in managing it.

A lot of companies feel this way. That’s where managed services providers come in.

With recent changes in the managed services arena, MSPs are becoming even more important. The technology used is crucial. It is almost impossible for most businesses to get any work done if it’s not working. So getting the right provider is important if they want to keep their business up and running, without costly shutdowns and delays.

What changes am I talking about?

Well, there are a lot of them.

Recent Changes

A lot of the recent innovation in this area has been around cloud computing, and more specifically the public cloud. As with most areas in business and technology, cloud is a driving force.


cloud-computing-Cloud-Computing-capThe transition to cloud and digital tech is being streamlined and simplified. It makes more sense for IT services to be cloud based rather than on-premises. Not only is it cheaper, it is much easier for Managed services providers to fix and maintain them. The days of engineers going out to your office with a bag if tools are long gone. Providers can make changes and fix problems remotely when they are in the cloud, meaning downtime it limited and fixes come quicker.


This has also generated changes to other aspects, like service portals. As they become more robust and complex, it is easier to monitor client’s IT remotely and oversee their operations. Maintenance, back-up and service delivery is all made so much easier with these updated portals.

Remote Monitoring

Managed Sevices Remote Monitoring Remote monitoring and management is incredibly important to the new and improved managed services and none of it would be possible without the cloud. The same is true of mobile device management. People work from home or on the move more now than ever. It’s crazy to think that we wouldn’t be able to gain access to work documents and systems when away from our desks. This capability is one of the driving forces in the business world at the moment. We weren’t kidding when we said the innovations are based around cloud computing!

Future      Future of Managed Services

So now that you know what changes managed services have seen over the past few years, what’s next? They say you need to look to the past to predict the future, so what predictions do we have?


Quality will start to become more important than price. Price wars have been a staple of managed services for the past few years. The lower cost of cloud-based systems means that the focus can move to high-quality service. When clients are spending less money on their IT it will allow them to spend more on finding the right provider for them. They can spend more time assessing the features and benefits of providers and the different service packages they offer. The tendency to go for the cheapest option will become a thing of the past.

Mobile Compatibility

SenseGA-MobileDevises-TelcomChurn-02As I mentioned before, being able to work from anywhere, on any device is increasingly important. How many times have you been working on something and had to leave your desk and wanted to be able to continue? Not only will providers be developing more mobile compatible products, but the syncing will also come into play. You will be able to start work at your computer and when you’re stuck in traffic on the way to a meeting, pick up where you left off. As in many areas, switching between devices is becoming more common and managed services will keep up with this trend.


Managed services providers will have to offer more security and data protection services if they want to have the same level of success. As IoT-enabled devices become more widespread, there is an increased security risk that clients will need managed. Companies want to use their devices without the added risk, so it will be up to the providers to mitigate it. The providers that offer more protection will be the ones on top.

There are more changes coming, ones that we haven’t mentioned here, but one thing is certain. The cloud is going to be a huge part of it.

Got some of your own predictions? Let us know about them in the comments.

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